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Ride Report – Family Ride to Rainham Marshes

We were so lucky with the weather on Sunday, it was like a summers day. Temperatures were in the 20s and we were all in short-sleeves. Seven of us met up at Davy Down and headed off at around 9.30am through the park and along the Mardyke path. The route we took was very quiet and mostly on off-road cycle paths, giving the children the freedom to ride off ahead. There are only a handful of places on this route where we need to be more careful because we are either on a short bit of road or crossing a road.

We soon reached Rainham Marshes and as the children were happy, and full of energy, we took the decision to continue on through to go around the loop where the concrete barges are. Bob joined us on this part of the journey, and we became a group of 8. After completing the loop we returned back to the RSPB centre for tea, cake, toasted sandwiches, bacon butties, hot chocolate and fizzy drinks. That was just the kids! We were joined by David F there, who was on route for his Sunday morning ride, and we became 10.

Energy replenished, we headed back, following the same route we took to get here. Bob and David took there own more direct routes home and the rest of us rode back to Davy Down.

What a wonderful ride. I’m already looking forward to the next. I Hope to see you then.

Gateway Ride to Rainham Marshes

Gateway Ride to Rainham Marshes

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